Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Now I don't mind Indymedia that much. While I don't agree with much that they say. It is their right to say it and I don't comment much about. But here is one of the most idiotic things I have ever read. I hope this person is not serious. The Solution to the Iraq Quagmire
1. US corporations to be disbanded and their assets given to the people of the Third World and natural resources stolen by America to be returned.
and goes on.
6. George W. Bush and his entire administration and the Republican Party must be forced to resign and face trial for war crimes by the World Court.
and on
Al-Qaeda is a symptom of the evil of American abuses since 1776. The 9/11 attacks were launched by 19 hijackers who represented the victims of American war crimes since the Declaration of Independence that legitimised the murder of the Native Americans to the present when Americans bombed and gunned down Muslims who stood in the way of capitalist "progress."
America is a Christian fundementalist state run by the Bush Taliban. Muslims are only behaving the way the are in a misguided attempt to preserve their culture which has been twisted out of shape due to American oppression.
Muslims should be allowed to practice their religion and traditions and laws within Western society without interference.
Then he insults Muslims and contradicts the above point
The way to combat extremist Islam is by non violently by persuading Muslims to adopt socialism and abandon their false religious consciousness.
And finally.
Once Bin Laden sees that Westerners have abandoned their racism he will abandon his extremism.
It is nice to see Cloud cuckoo land has not be left without a population.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm. Personally, I think it's probably an attempt at parody by some right winger. Either that or it's a 14 year old trot. In any case, I've just removed it for advocating ethnic cleansing.

It would be helpful if you could hit "report this post" if you see such material in future. I just happened to see your post on irishblogs.ie and I doubt any editor has looked closely at the post (after so many general rants about Iraq one's eyes tend to glaze over).

It's also generally not very accurate to attribute such postings to a homogeneous "indy" group since an awful lot of different people post to indymedia and many of them don't always have the purest motives. In that light, I think the title of your blog posting is most unfair

Simon said...

I have changed the title by dropping the s

Anonymous said...