Friday, June 16, 2006

Don't Buy Magil.

I brought this months Magil and I have to say I regret it. Nothing of interest in it at all. While Richard's article was nothing new (maybe reading his blog, reading Freedom Ins and holding some of the same views is the reason) but the rest was utter plup. The main article was an interview with Enda Kenny. I have to say I have read more anti-Fine Gael stuff on the Fine Gael website. It was totally devoid of any merit. The main question of the opposition. Can you go into government with a party you disagree with was not asked instead questions about how a guy with his impressive CV it took so long to rise to the top are featured. Other stuff is about chucking tomatos into moutjoy and decentralisation has all been done before.

It is simply not worth your €3.25. Makes you nearly want to buy Village. Ok not really but the mere thought that I might buy village says alot.

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Anonymous said...

Turgid and hysterical as the Village often is (and you have to admire any publication that can combine both elements) at least it actually has some news, or something original, every now and then.

Under Delaney, Magill has degenerated into a rather half-arsed, neocon student fanzine (and a rather poor one at that).

It's been rubbish for quite some time, so disappointment should come as no surprise.