Sunday, January 29, 2006

When Blogs Attack

One of the most interesting debate on Irish Blogs since I started blogging is taking place between Fiona de Londras of Mental Meanderings who is a lecturer in Law and Richard Waghorne of Sicilian Notes a Research Fellow at the School of Politics and International Relations at University College Dublin over the publication of the All Party Oireachtas Committee on the Constitution's report on the family. Now I would like to weigh in with my views but I don't have the legal knowledge to match these arguments. Fascinating stuff. If you have time I would advise you to read all the post they are all excellently put arguments. It starts here With Fiona Yeah, but how do you feel? Followed By Richard here What You're Entitled to From the State Fiona Yes I'm Angry, but Don't Call me Hysterical Richard Why I Disagree with Fiona de Londras Fiona Richard Waghorne and I Still Disagree Richard Outsourcing My Decisions. Paul at For All We Know weighs in withThou Shalt Not Marry Wulbeorn also adds his two cents with Who is Family Edit: Rinceoir adds Wow! Look over there A small thought on the issue from Myself Devs Constitution for 21st Century

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