Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Slavery and Racism

The kevin on Disillusioned lefty asked this question. Does racism fed slavery or slavery fed racism. Fiona adds her ideas So here is my view. The definistion of racism on Word Reference.com is the prejudice that members of one race are intrinsically superior to members of other races. This is wide spread in nearly ever person on the planet I will admit that I am a racist. This is wide spread in nearly ever person on the planet I will admit that I am a racist. Now many of my regular readers may be saying that I’m not and I would say thanks for having faith in me but I would guess that people think that racism is against people of a different skin but it is not it is against people of a different race. Race is defined as people who are believed to belong to the same genetic stock. Now if you think about genetic stock can be narrowly defined. I mean my stock is a very confined. My stock comes from Tipperary, Clare, Galway area. Some one from Leitrim is more then likely not out of my genetic stock. One of my racist beliefs is that American’s political views come from what they see themselves. I mean I think that if an American says they are a liberal then they will usually agree with Gay marriage and abortion and most people that says they are conservatives will see themselves as anti Gay marriage and pro-life. That liberals are against the war and conservatives are all for the war. No matter what they really think. I have no proof of this I am basing this on purely on prejudice. In Ireland not many people have moved all over the country so their stock is as limited to certain areas. So when people say Cavan people are stingy that is a racist statement. When people say d4 people are stuck up that is a racist statement. When someone says all that comes out of Wexford is strawberries that is a racist statement. So why do we accept those statements as not been racist and say that the use of the words like nigger and knacker are racist. It is true these words are said as derogatory statements but so is culchie. Culchie is a derogatory term for people from the countryside but it is perfectly accepted to say it in Irish society and nigger is not. Why? The reason I see for this is racism against black people and travellers. By saying that one group can take the use of a derogatory and not the other is saying that we see them as different. This might be a bit of an off the wall theory but I'd like to hear your opinions on it. As for the question itself I think racism inspires slavery


Paige A Harrison said...

IMO, your theory isn't so far off the wall. We all behave differently to different people and different groups of people. That's our human condition.

Political correctness recognises that minority groups can feel particular vulnerable, oppressed, unloved or descriminated against by virtue of the fact that they are in the minority. It tries with benevolent intention to prevent such slights but in the process further alienates/marginalises those groups that it seeks to protect.

I've always thought that the best solution in our "Marching Season" troubles is for the other side to join in on the cultural 'celebrations'. It would become quickly apparent to both sides that they both have a strong cultural affinity (tendancy to march highways behind fife & drum bands)

Anonymous said...

I agree - racism inspires slavery. This is essentially what happened with the Irish Ferries case.

I wouldnt call derogatory language among the Irish racism though - I'd probably call it bigotry or tribalism. But sweeping generalizations against Americans coming from an Irish person is racism. Howver, it's political correctness gone mad if you can't state facts about the mindset of a country. You should be able to point out faults in national policies. The main thing is that minset should never be taken as a racial trait - the majority political persuasion of contries change over time.

Simon said...

I wouldnt call derogatory language among the Irish racism though - I'd probably call it bigotry or tribalism.
What is the difference between a tribe and a race. Race doesn't have to be skin colour

Anonymous said...

We are all hypocrites. I'm have an irrational dislike of boggers. To my racist eye they seem to be shifty ignorant money obsessed sub-humans.
Yet if someone so much as alludes to the colour of someones skin in a derogatory way i'm up in arms.
I'd like to be perfect and treat everyone the same way but i cant......I just fucking hate bogmen.

Simon said...

well done you.