Thursday, January 19, 2006

Division in the Rainbow.

I'm not very good at Irish so this was pointed out to me by a friend who is. Seemingly Trevor Sargent was interviewed in this weeks Foinse. He outlined in Irish that he is very pro-Irish and that he thought that Enda Kenny's proposal to make Irish non-compulsory at Leving Cert level would make it an academic language like Latin or Ancient Greek. He reckons Enda Kenny just wants to start a debate about compulsory Irish for Leaving Cert. Now I am not sure if Kenny just wanted to start a debate. I mean even if he was just throwing an idea out there it wouldn't be one that would damage him. There are a lot of people including my self who think that is a bad idea. Maybe Enda was gambelling on more young people in favour of it then people against it. However if it is a serious policy. Will Trevor (who teaches Irish on Fridays) see this as a barrier to joining government? Will he demand that the policy is droped? Or is Trevor just gearing to get votes in the various Gaeltacht namily Niall O Brolcháin in Galway West. Who lost out last time by around 800 votes.

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Anonymous said...

They aren't in the same constituency. However Niall Ó Brolchain is in the same constituency as Eamonn Ó Cuiv. Who won extremely comfortably.