Friday, January 27, 2006

TOP 6 FRIDAY My Deepest fears

Here my deepest fears be warned this is not a pleasant list. 5. Ian Paisley shouting at me because I forgetting how to count six. 4. Quantum Entanglement 100% proved. Instantaneous communication faster then light it just can'’t be 3. On RTE's The View some poncy person declares David McWilliams is literary genius "The term "Kells Angels"(complete with air quotes”) displays a wit a kin to Oscar Wilde with a ting of Orwellian sadness and his hair has a certain orgasmic floppiness". 2. Wake up in the morning and find Linda Martin in the bed beside me. She says "you were a star last night". 1. Being Buried alive with Hector. (Tá Hector isteach in mo bosca)

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