Thursday, January 12, 2006

2007 Election North Tipp

So everyone is now looking at the elections thinking who they will see getting into government. But the only way to really predict this is to look at every seat. So here is my prediction for my constituency North Tipperary. The Nenagh Guardian has an article about it this week. Enda Kenny sees North Tipp as a winable Fine Gael seat due to the fact Fine Gael use to always get a big vote in here. They have selected Senator Noel Coonan. However Enda is deluding himself. They haven't a hope in hell of getting a seat in the constituency. The traditional Fine Gael vote is going to be behind Michael Lowery. If the controversy's that have dogged him had not arisen he would be the leader of Fine Gael. A great organizer and with more personality then Enda. Fine Gael would be a lot stronger now then they would have been. He will top the poll. There is a traditional strong Fianna Fail vote in North Tipp. This will result in Michael Smith holding his seat easily. The third seat is where the dog fight will be between Maire Hocter of Fianna Fail and Kathleen O'Meara of Labour. It is hard to tell who will take this seat but I think a general mood of boredom with the present government will give the seat to Kathleen O'Meara on a re-count. If other Bloggers wanted to predict their constituencies would be good.

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Simon said...

ya Enda is more of a hinderence then a help to fine gael