Friday, December 02, 2005

Top 6 Friday: Blogs

Loads of presenters have their Top 5 list of various stuff every week. So I thought I would go one better and start a Dossing Times Top 6 Friday every friday So today is Top 6 Blogs. That don't include mine as I'd obviously be No 1 :) 6.
Twenty Major. Lines like "I punched and kicked like Christy Brown on PCP" says it all. You'll hate your self for finding it funny.
Gavins Blog. For some reason this blog always has a nice friendly atmosphere to it and I have no idea why. Always links to interesting articles and founder of
Little Green Footballs Always worth a read to see the craziness of the American right. The opinions and comments can be so outrageous and offensive that it makes you really see where your views lie.
Freedom Institute. The Geogre W of the Irish Blogsphere. Disliked by many and right wing. Thankfully Pro-American with many Irish people part of the BBB (Bashing Bush Bandwagon people who bash Bush as it is trendy) it is good to see a site with well argued points that differ. The blogsphere is all about different opinions this site brings balance to the debate.
ie-politics. Well written, well argued and concise a left winger that is not afraid to talk of raising taxes.
Disillusioned Lefty Regular readers of this blog the Disillusioned Leftys match youthful idealism with a mature handling of fact a trait so rare in a cynical world.
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Paige A Harrison said...

Excellent idea. For some excellent you should check out JL Pagano's blog

I've no connection other than enjoying his posts.