Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Risk Equalisation

Many around the the Irish blogs have been critising Mary Harney for here stance on Risk Equalisation. The main arguments about it can be seen here on Wulbeorn Watching. I have say I totally agree with Mary Harney and disagree with Wulbeorn. Buba and VIVAS can not be allowed to take the young healthy clients forcing the old to use the VHI. Old people need more care thus costing the VHI more. Thus increasing the burden on old people. While young people get a free run. If Buba get away win this case and are allowed not to take on any responsibility for care of the elderly. Then what's next City Buses not going to take children as they are more likely to drop sweet wrappers thus creating higher cleaning bills. The arguments made by copernicus on both Wulbeorns and Disillusionedlefty some up my views on the subject better then I can.

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