Tuesday, December 20, 2005

First gays partnerships then black pudding?

At the first gay civil ceremony in Belfast there were many protestors out side. They were shouting abuse telling people how they are going to burn in hell and quoting Leviticus to justify their protests. But another thing that is not allowed in Leviticus is the eating of another animals blood.(Leviticus 3:17) So will the next place these “Christians” protest be the Clonakilty black pudding factory. Something tells me no. Michael McDowell is bringing forward legislation for civil partnerships in Ireland. While disappointingly not full marriage rights it is the best move. If gay marriage was to be legalised it would require a referendum as it would probably require constitutional change. This could be very divisive in Ireland. While the majority of parties are for it there would be a strong No group in the country. That may give rise to more anti-gay sentiments then are already in the country. The referendum may even lose and without having a civil partnership legislation already passed gay rights would be set back for years. Civil partnership may not be the brave thing to do it but it is the prudent thing to do. It may be two steps forward and one step back. It is at least forward. F Delondras has thought about the legal aspects and links to other blogs here so go read it.

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