Sunday, December 18, 2005

Dossing Times McDowell Poll

The Frank Connelly affair has divided the country. SluggerOToole has a nice round up of the various blog sites that have talked about the issue here . I have wrote about the affair here. So to really see where people stand on the issue. I thought it is worthy of a poll. Here is the Poll question Was McDowell right to do what he did in the Connelly case. There are three options. Yes He was right to out him but it should have been done in Dail not leaked to the Irish Independent. NO The Yes and the No are a bit self explanatory. The 2 option is basically if you think what Mcdowell did was right but what he has said should have been solely done in the Dail and nothing should have been leaked to Sam Smyth in the Independent. So vote now the poll is as always on the right side of the site.

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Student said...

Nice one setting up another poll Saint. They seem to be working really well!