Thursday, December 22, 2005

Academic Snobbery and Principles

The building control bill. Is just another example of a profession trying to protect its self. Just because someone has a degree does not mean that someone is qualified. I remember working over a summer and we were getting in drawings in from a Dublin architects firm. What ever architect who designed the building seemed to think that doors do not need to be attached to walls they could function in mid air. Wall thickness did not need to be the same, internal walls don’t need to even connect (building regulations would disagree) and toilets don’t need to anywhere near the plumbing. But since they have a degree they are far superior to someone who has no degree but adheres to the building regulations. This bill is not about the consumer it does not protect consumers from cowboys it is about protectionism of an interest group RIAI. Will the same people who give out about the farmers as an interest group say the same thing about architects? On the Aran Islands they were trying to build a GAA pitch. The ground was devoid of grass and the locals said they needed top soil for grass to grow. But experts in Dublin said that all they need was fertilizer and the government agreed and refused to allow top soil to be brought in (Aran Islands I think are a protected area). So basically the government took the experts advice as being more correct then the people who have lived and farmed that land for centuries. There is still no grass on the pitch. There are just two examples of many (driving licences is another how many bad drivers with licences are out there) where someone with a piece of paper is thought better then someone without it. The academic snobbery in this country is ridiculously, counter productive and wrong. Then again I’m just got my masters piece of paper and am looking for a job. So if my industry want to close rank and employ me I wouldn’t say no. I suppose that is the thing everyone will stand by their principles until it effects them. Sure many people will back Irish Ferries in doing what they did or disagree with pharmacist restricting membership of their profession but if their jobs and way of life were threatened would they stand by their principles then?

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