Friday, November 16, 2007

Stag Hunting

I always find it hilarious when I hear townie commentators in Newspapers (just because you bought a big fancy house in the country does not make you any less of a townie) going on about the the realities of rural life. Kevin Myres is on a rant today about how a stag hunt should be aloud as it is part of rural life. Sorry Kevin bullshit. Most farmers I know don't like hunts as it usually involves a load of toffs on horses running through fields disturbing livestock. If there is trouble with foxes or the like. Farmers do not jump on horses (most don't own any) don red coats and run across fields with a buggle. They get their shotgun amongst other things. Hunting is not a reality of rural life it is a reality of town life just because it does not happen in the phoenix park does not make it any less so..

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Thriftcriminal said...

"Hunting is not a reality of rural life it is a reality of town life"

I don't go hunting, but in my youth I was dragged off to follow the hounds on foot with my grandfather who was a former master of fox hounds. This was down Tipp/Limerick direction. I really don't remember anyone from a town being in attendance to be honest, a good number of them were in fact well to do farmers from the area, with the only "townies" being their sons/daughters who were down from the weekend. Granted this was the 80s and perhaps the demographic has changed now, but I still sense a certain lack of research in your generalisations. This was of course fox hunting, stag hunting I never encountered before hearing about it causing some school children to be traumatised in Meath.