Thursday, November 01, 2007

Top 6 Friday : Disguises

In the spirit of the time of year and with Halloween being mid-week so that its celebration has almost been extended to a week I have given some thought to great disguises. Alter egos, costume parties, alternative lives - its all part of an escape we seem to enjoy. The sequence in Mission Impossible III, where Philip Seymour Hoffman’s face is constructed from a piece of mould so as to enable Tom Cruise’s Ethan Hunt impersonate him is a gem. Not everyone has those facilities at their disposal though and have had to be a bit more imaginative.

6. Sydney Bristow , Alias We may have had Roger Moore layering on disguises in ’The Saint’ and James Bond, infiltrating various meglomaniac’s layers with any number of guises but they never achieved the same effect as the characters created by Sydney Bristow (Jennifer Garner) in ’Alias’. Every week, the costume department on this show were let loose and Garner ably played a broad range of parts.

5. Arnie, Total Recall Enjoy this clip, Arnie’s high tec equipment is not as successfully deployed as in MI: III.

4. Ghost Face costume from 'Scream', a serial killer fashion statement as strong as those made by the likes of Jason, Michael and Freddy. Does not provide the same durability as that enjoyed by aforementioned serial killers who seem invulnrable.

3. Jaye Davidson as a woman in ‘The Crying Game’ OK, so I’m sure it is far from appropriate to describe a decision to dress as the opposite gender as a disguise , but this is a movie after all and is a standard selection whenever the great twists are discussed.

2. E.T. as an old woman An alien, dolled up so as to escape detection out trick or treating on Halloween night, this has to be included. Unfortunately I had no luck with a picture.

1. Michelle Pfeiffer, bin liners, this was one of those lists where the No. 1 was never in doubt - Cat Woman in Batman Returns.(This in no way includes that Halle Berry afront to humanity more recent Cat Woman movie.)

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