Monday, November 05, 2007

PC Stuff

I'm plugging this mostly because I have the most sensitive touch pad in the world so using my keypad makes life easier but also because the Mozilla Firefox people really have called this 'Fancy Numbered Tabs'. Install the function and you can just press CTRL + (The number of the tab) and you'll be laughing. This almost tops the guy I dealt with at work today whose name actually was Mr. Fun! (No, seriously).

Also maybe this is old news but I am slowly becoming addicted to Stumble Upon, basically a tool which finds pages based on your interests, which you can pass a verdict on and then said page will be added to your favourites. If your browing is feeling a bit limited this is the solution, the randomness of the suggested pages is excellent. The 'Stumble' and 'Google' tool bars are now the most important on my browser.

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