Monday, November 05, 2007

Hollywood Writers Strike

I've borrowed this from CNN - its a loose breakdown of the impact of the writers strike if it is to go ahead unresolved for the foreseeabel future. Obviously the impact will be felt more in America but it is interesting nevertheless to follow. The most frustrating element is that reality shows will go unaffected, they are like dam cockroaches. The effects
  • Immediately: Late-night talk shows, which depend on topical material, will go to reruns
  • In about one month: Daytime soap operas will go to reruns
  • By January-February: Current prime-time shows will likely run out of fresh episodes
  • Reality shows unaffected;
  • Fox, with fewer hours to program and powerhouse "American Idol" returning in January, in best shape if strike continues, according to The Hollywood Reporter
  • ABC has stockpiled several new shows, could put them on in midseason if strike persists
  • TV networks have stockpiled TV movies
  • Movie studios in decent shape for now


Anonymous said...

Yeah, this and the price of lima beans will really keep me up at night. I can think of a dozen strikes that are more worthy of attention, like MAYBE a leaf blower designers strike.

Yednnek said...

I feel a new found appreciation for being six months behind the US!

Eamonn said...

There's a Leaf Blower Designer strike!?