Friday, October 12, 2007

Top 6 Friday: Biopics that should be.

6.Bill Hicks simply the greatest.

5.George Orwell. One of the greatest writers of all time.Geoffrey Rush could do him justice

4.Margaret Thatcher. Changed the course of British politics the Iron lady. Could see Helen Mirrian playing this role.

3. The rolling Stones. Need I say any more. Who to play them. I think Clive Owen could play Jagger he has the swagger. Colin Farrell has the hell rasing reputation could pull it off. Kieran Culken could play Brian Jones. I really like igby goes down.

2. Martin Luther King Jr. I am surprised that a movie has never to been made to my knowledge about this man. Certainly one of the most if not most important American of the 20th century. But who to play him? Personally it would have be an unknown. Otherwise it is someone else movie.

1. Meat loaf the movie. The part of Meat Loaf can only be played by one man. Jack Black.Watch the video and you will see.

1 comment:

Cian said...

thatch ahead of Orwell? Now way! He went and fought Franco she talked about fighting commies while fighting miners who weren't quite Stalin.

Out side of that its a good list. Meatloaf is a deserving number 1. Perhaps a biopic of Journey could be in there (if only for the Scrubs and southpark clips that would be inevitably played).