Saturday, October 06, 2007

No More Female Leads - Warner Brothers

Nikki Finke, a sort of Maureen O'Dowd of the entertainment world in the US, is reporting that the President of Production at Warner Brothers is refusing to consider any new productions with female leads, in light of romantic comedies and the recent 'The Brave One' and 'Invasion' lead by Jodie Foster and Nicole Kidman respectively, performing poorly. If true and she claims the story has basis then it is truly a sad testament to the blind sighted decision making we associate with the big studios. Like any film, those with a female leads need to be done well to be a success. There is already a too poor output of women led productions, with roles in independent film more often than not providing Oscar nominations. Blaming women is as purposeful as blaming sea salt for cholesterol. How about making less films with Anna Faris and having heroines do more than get tied up or have real life weight loss be their most notable achievements. Read more here.

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