Monday, October 15, 2007

Campaign For proper Soup

How often have you gone to a restaurant for lunch and looked forward to a nice hearty bowl of soup, a bowl of vegetable or Chicken, Mushroom or Leak and potato just to be disappointed when the menu board reads Carrot and Cumin, Chilli and Sweet corn, Stilton and pepper. "Soups" which are just not proper soup. We here want to return soups to the masses.

We need Proper Soup. Join the Facebook group here if you think restaurants should server more real soups.


Eamonn said...

A good cause, but how will joining said group on facebook practically help alter the situation?

CK said...

Every revolution needs to start somewhere. Facebook, being a modern communication tool, would seem to be a good starting point, spreading the word.

Have you an alternative approach to suggest?

Eamonn said...

The facebook thing is essentially a petition. Name one successful revolution that started with a petition, much less an online petition.

It needs action. Something that can be felt.

A suggestion? I know this is crazy and off the wall, but how about calling on people to boycott restuarants that dont serve real soup. Or encouraging people to complain when they get terrible soup. Make a point of it to the manager of the establishment that he will lose your custom.

Threaten their pockets.

But maybe your right. Lets join a society on facebook. That'll teach them. Then we can sit back and wait for the world to change. happy in the knowledge that we have done something constructive, made a difference

CK said...

I didn't suggest a FaceBook campaign be the extent of the campaign. I simply answered your questioning the vlaue of joining facebook by stating it would be a good starting point. What better to tool to create awareness than Facebook? You're plan to boycott restaurants wouldn't have much success if nobody knew about it.

And an online petition brough back Family Guy after it was axed by FOX.

Eamonn said...

First off, this blog is a better tool for creating awareness than facebook. I'm not sure how experienced you are with facebook and how societies work there, but let's just say that a worthy cause, like proper soup in restuarant, gets drowned out in the noise.

Secondly, what brought back Family Guy was the millions of DVD sales....action that showed the network how much money they could make.

Finally, we all know online petitions to save shows like Firefly worked a treat, don't we?

CK said...

My awareness of Facebook comes from people asking me are my on Facebook as much as any other question these days. I can't see how it would do any harm to use it to create awareness and even having the invite to join the campaign in your Inbox, is going to catch your eye and ultimately spread the word.

And petitions lead to the recall in the 2003 General Election in California which lead Schwarzenegger to power and a signed letter set the ball rolling for the USI president to resign over the weekend.

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