Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Cat Stevens

For some reason Cat Stevens music has been popping up a lot lately in my movie watching. Most recently his song, Don't Be Shy, a song calling on its listeners to make changes, aptly closed out Michael Moore's 'Sicko'. His song Tea for the Tillerman, which I first heard in a magic scene from 'The Science of Sleep' but is certainly most associated with 'Extras'. I was pleasantly surprised then to discover it as one of the songs he provided on the soundtrack for 'Harold and Maude' which I reviewed a while back. Then I was plagued for a number of trips to the movies by the trailer for 'Year of the Dog' which appropriately showed clips to the sound of I Love my Dog. I've chosen 3 Youtube clips of Steven's music. Firstly Tea for Tillerman is a gem. I Love My Dog looses out to The First Cut is the Deepest becuase I prefer it, and I couldn't find Don't be Shy so instead we have Peace Train performed on 'Later with Jools Holland', the most recent clip so of course here he goes by Yusuf Islam.


Yednnek said...

'The Wind' also featured in Cameron Crowe's Almost Famoous. One of the best movie soundtracks ever I think.

y said...

as a cat stevens fan i sincereley thank you for that post.