Monday, April 23, 2007

What Michael did next

Although some critics would argue that he spent his record breaking career trying to drive competitors off the track, Michael Schumacher is using the free time afforded to him by his retirement to promote road safety across the globe.

Old Schumi has joined the UK's Make Roads Safe campaign who are calling for a U.N conference on the issue. Tony Blair also spoke on the matter, pointing out that road deaths are the second biggest killer of young people across the world, after aids.

The Red Baron even had time to pen an article in today's Guardian where he states that one person dies every 30 seconds across the globe because of an car accident.

Good on Michael for getting involved and hopefully, with his stature within the motoring world, he can help in some meaningful way.

At the time of writing over 100 people have died already on Irelands roads in 2007.

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