Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Time to go back to school.

Seemingly this is one of Bush's top advisor's on History Andrew Roberts. Ones of who's claims is as follows when reply to someone giving out to him about his assertion that internment worked in Ireland. From the New Republic.
It is a mark of Hari's sloppiness that he has accused me of telling President Bush that internment was pursued successfully in Northern Ireland in the 1970s, when in fact I said Southern Ireland in the 1930s and 1940s! Does Hari deny that Éamon De Valera's internment policy in the Irish Civil War crushed the Irish Republican Army in the southern 26 counties?
Ok who is going to tell him Dev was actually head of the IRA during the Civil war ?


seanachie said...

It's hardly being pedantic to point out it was Liam Lynch and not Dev that was IRA Chief of Staff during the Civil War and the Long Fellow's influence on military matters was negligible, despite his leadership of the political opposition to the Treaty.

Dev's crushing of the IRA in the 30s was no flip-flopping either but fully in line with his own venal pragmatism, which has since informed Fianna Fáil. Of course none of this validates Andrew Roberts' latest specious argument; to suggest that Bush could wipe out Al Qaeda in the same way as Dev weakened the already depleted Ra requires a certain degree of mental febrility. Roberts is in good company however; de Valera stands as Ian Paisley's favourite Taig for his crushing of their common enemy. I don't know if the Reverend Ian expects to sup tea with Dev in Paradise though.

Simon said...

not pedantic at all. I knew that. and ment to write it. But didn't for some reason