Wednesday, April 25, 2007

New Earth

Thankfully with word of new land masses being created as a result of global warming dislodging huge island sized pieces of ice comes the sigh of relief that astronomers have discovered a new planet and indications are that based on its proximity to its own star it could possibly be inhabitable or already support life. Lets get our asses over there, I am nominating myself now to select who should go or stay.

Being 5 times the size of Earth it should take us much longer to ruin that planet.


'New island' story

New planet story


Eamonn said...

'Being 5 times the size of Earth it should take us much longer to ruin that planet'

Oh for Gods sake. Any chance to raise the environmentalist stick and beat us over the head with it eh?

Fact is this planet is not 'ruined' or even close to it. Just a load of scaremongering nonsense. Has anybody even thought to check the warranty on planet earth?

CK said...

Lets just cut our losses and go. Bits are falling off.

It will be the single greatest example of not letting history repeat itself.

I'm not going waiting for the apocalypse and then be passed by because they don't need another bloody public servant on Earth 2.

Lets get the scouting mission up and running.

Godwhacker said...

I'm with Tuathal on this. But at five times the size of the Earth, how much would we weigh on this planet? Could this be a new angle for a diet craze?

Unknown said...

being 20.5 lightyears away, it'll be a bit of a stretch for the auld space shuttle.

better stock up on spag bol in a tube. This flight is definately "Long haul".

to tuathal, the planet is fucked.
Captain Birdseye has to sing about Hoki cos there's no Cod for fucks sake.

Eamonn said...

Godwhacker, Simon our resident physicist will clarify this for me, but from my physics days in school I would have thought that the bigger the planet, the greater its gravitational pull and therefore the more you would weigh on it.

If I'm correct, I dare say that at 5 times the size of earth we humans would struggle to even stand up.

So all that way just to be subjected to torture? I think I'll stick with my summery Aprils thank you very much.

To Niall, I've had a look and a lack of cod is not even mentioned in revelations, let alone listed as a sign of the end of the world.

Simon said...

You are indeed correct tuahal we wouldbe heavier.but not 5 times. the equation is gm/r^2 so we would be 5/1.5^2 heavier. or about 2.2 times heavier

CK said...

So our soines would have to become a bit more resilient to keep us upright.

Ultimately the post was to draw attention to the larger than life news stories, though out of nowhere is has had quite a few responses.

The environmentalist stick is in overdrive but it is not unwarranted and it is unfortunate that the more talk of the issue the more bored we become with it. Its not good enough to dismiss an issue because it is in our faces at every turn.

Godwhacker said...

Hey thanks Simon! I knew it would be more, but not by how much.

So it's definitely 50,000 years worth of "Lean-Cuisine" we would need to pack, assuming there are some taste life-forms available to eat when we get there.