Friday, April 27, 2007

Top 6 Friday: Reasons to be Happy

1. The Irish Film Institute Signature Burger with Blue Cheese.

2. Whether it’s true or not the people who compile polls are telling us there might actually be some element of anticipation surrounding the outcome of the election.

3. Summer is coming and we’ve already had a month of fresh cut grass and ice creams.

4. ‘Lost’ is on the home stretch, episodes always pick up pace coming towards the end of the series.

5. I got a ‘You’re a Winner’ sticker on my bottle of Coke yesterday.

6. Parking in a car park in my town last weekend a man walked up to me, tapped on my window and offered me his parking ticket which had remaining time on it. The pleasant surprise of that small gesture is still with me a week later.

1 comment:

Flirty Something said...

7. have figured out how to use laptop and sit in sun at same time.

Apparently there are another 5 seasons of Lost left, not sure I can stick the pace.