Monday, April 30, 2007

The Move to Dublin

So I am very lucky that I now have an 8 minute walk to work with the only caveat being that I probably shouldn’t take that street loaded on pints as one of my new housemates has been mugged twice on it and quite literally just woke up one morning with bruises in place of a wallet. You can imagine my excited anticipation at the prospect. I can’t help thinking maybe he deserved it as somehow word spread that he had ‘Absolutely Fabulous’ in his DVD collection and asked me did I watch ‘Wife Swap’ when I was doing the necessary verifiying that the TV would be free for ‘Lost’ on Monday nights. They each have TVs in their room, I could only ever get a flat screen, space is not my friend!

We are very near to Kings Inns, a place I decided not to take a logical step into after doing my postgrad in law last year, I don’t think it’s a sign, but my housemate, younger and seemingly much more broke is managing in there so that has me thinking.

The job is going well, I feel very well steeled in after only a week and there seems to be variation within the procedural aspect of the work and potential down the line. I share an office with 3 women, so stilettos and Americas Next Top Model are the order of the day. That I will manage, my primary concern is how I will tell people what I do for a job, lets say it’s a semi-state and the name is not instantly recognisable and our work cannot be described in less than a long sentence. Is being a public servant, or working in the civil service a good conversation starter when you’re shouting across a busy bar at someone you hope to get to know a bit better. Maybe I’ll just say doctor and tell them they misheard me if I ever see them again.

Overall the city seems full of life and things to do, my next likely post will be how a weekend goes and how I entertain myself, but there seems plenty of diversion and fine sized movie screens a stroll from my house.

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Anonymous said...

I've been hanging around that area part time for a couple of years now and, touch e-wood, not a problem yet.

The big secret about the area is the great little shops. Dublin has become a nightmare for good shopping, but that part of town has a marvellous fishmongers and a high-quality-but-cheap Italian shop on one street alone.

And as for crime, I've seen only one mugging and one armed altercation between cops and robbers...