Saturday, September 24, 2005

Green Party in power with Fianna Fail

I have heard that at a green party meeting in NUI Galway. Trevor Sargent said that the party would not enter government with FF under his control. So those this mean the Green party are throwing there weight behind the Fine Gael Labour coalition or that there is a divide in the party with one section willing to work with Fianna Fail and the other led by Mr Sargent not willing to. This would leave the Fine Gael/Green/Labour coalition in a strong place according to the Sunday business Poll I talked about here They have stated
that the party will contest the next general election as an independent party without any voting pacts with other parties
How ever they have also stated they want to get Fianna Fail/PD's out of power. Which would seem to suggest that they are nailing there colours to the Blue and Red of Fine Gael Labour. However an interesting aspect of the various Green Party statements is that they target alot of energy at the PD's. If Mr Sargents statement is true and going to be followed. Then this would seem to suggest that the Green Party see the PD's as there rival. Is this a sign that they are scared a Fine Gael/Labour Coalition might chose the PD's who may have more seats instead of the Greens as partners?.Or is it just the age old left wing right wing battles? Interesting enough the PD's focus alot of energy on Sinn Fein. Are they scared that Fianna Fail might pick Sinn Fein instead of the PD's? The small party battles could get interesting this election.

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