Monday, September 12, 2005

Bloggers on the Belfast Riots.

Slugger o'Toole is the main source of views on the conflict. He points out that someone posting on the Love Ulster site knew about the attachs earlier also there is much debate here and here and lists of blocked roads are here United Irelander says The Orange Order are a force of evil in Ireland's north. And it's time for them to disband. A TANGLED WEB Argues that the right to process along certain roads and streets in Northern Ireland is established by whoever threatens the greatest level of violence. Ulster Young Unionists Council say that Hain is So is Hain a) engaging in stand-up comedy b) assuming we are just plain stupid c) just plain stupid himself d) a bare-faced hypocrite or e) reading from a script prepared by Adams, Kelly & co? CiarĂ¡n at not in differnet not specptical Talks about what he can see from his windown in Belfast on Sunday night. John on big ulsterman states Unionism must change from unionism with the English to unionism with northern Irish Catholics Everything ulster says
Since this group have shown ill-regard for the laws of the United Kingdom, as assented to by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, I feel that it is inappropriate to refer to them as loyalists. They are clearly loyal to nothing and act solely on their own twisted self-pity and a false sense of victimhood.
Balrog states
Unionism needs to specify what they mean, for the majority of the Nationalist and Republican family Unionism bemoaning about concessions is basically Unionism resisting equality.
Res publica says this disproves the theory of loyalism being reactionary to republican violence Paul at N. Irish Magyar . questions how genuine unionist were the organisers of this weekends events and wonders is it time to bring back internment. If ye know any other blogs worth adding to this. please add a comment.

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