Sunday, September 25, 2005

All the Bullets all the Ounces

Over 10 years ago the Ira declared a ceasefire. They claimed that not a bullet not an ounce would be lost. Now it seems that they have changed there minds. Tomorrow it is going to be annoced that the IRA have decommission all there weapons. This really is an unprecedented step and one I thought I might never see in my life time. In fact it comes with curious timing. 8 months ago after Robert McCartney it looked like the republicans had lost the PR battle that the movement was going to face a downturn in support from the own community. Now after this and the annocement of an end to fighting and the Loyalist rioting it looks like they have pulled another PR miracle out of the bag. The Unionist now are the people that are looking bad. If they come out tomorrow with a statement of disbelief they will lose a lot of support on the world stage. However if they say well done they will lose a lot of there own support. It will be interesting to see who Paisley will play it. Knowen for saying "NO" he will have to make some concessions so as not to lose what little support he has in Britain but to many and he could go the way of Trimble. Sinn Féin want to be in power in the south, that would be impossible with the IRA in tow. However if we in the south want the Unionist to go into power with Sinn Féin and yet we are selves arn't willing to do the same. Does that not make us guilty of double standards? But this should be looked on as more then a publicity stunt. It is a major stepforwardd and one I must welcome. This could be the start of a peaceful existence on these islands and then end to centuries of sectarian violence. If people are willing to imbrace it and it is true. Technorati tags

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