Thursday, September 08, 2005

7 year old murders

Justice Minister Michael McDowel wishes to amend the children's act to make it possible to convict 7 year olds of murder. Know this seems a bit extreme. Surly they are still kids. But the question still remains if a person commits a crime should they be punished regardless of age. Now the most famous case of under age murder was that ofJamie Bulger. In this case both his killers were aged 10 and under Irish law would have been free. Is this right. No I don't think it is these kids committed a Crime and should have paid. Now there is an argument that under 12 they wouldn't know what they are doing. But the fact remains they did it and that most point out that there is something not right with them. Weather jail terms is the answer is another question. But there is something wrong in there environment that causes them to do these things. Weather it is the society they live in or there parents they need to be removed from the bad influences and get to live in a place where they will get to see what is right and wrong. This is not juvenile detention centers. The statistic's show that in North America 96% reoffended in Britain 88% and 41% in Australia. This shows that Juvenile centers do not work. But is there any alternative. Should kids be taken from there families and put into foster care in a different city or county. Is that fair is it even constitutional. Would it even work. I agree with McDowel reducing the age to 7. At that age kids are impressionable and can be lead into a life of crime or a life of law abiding easily it is just dependent on both the parents and the society they live in. At the age of 12 it can be to late. But I think an alternative to juvenile detention centers has to be found. If kids go in for mistermeanors at age 7 they might come out at age 8 harden criminals (in the 8 year old sense of the word). This alternative has to be found first before 7 years olds go behind bars or an increase in crime could be the result. But in the mean time a reduction to 10 should be brought in. Just so kids like the killers of Jamie Bulger don't go free.

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