Monday, March 19, 2007


So a move to Dublin has some inevitability about it this year. I’m overeducated and inexperienced and it is the only place in the country with such a concentration of work and opportunities that it could present a good outcome having spent 6 years in college. I’m in too minds though. It is a fine place that I have enjoyed many good weekends out in, but like handing back a relative’s baby, the idea of committing to the place is daunting. I’ve been impressed with the pubs, the cinemas, the choice and the idea of the potential lifestyle an inhabitant could enjoy. But what I’m wondering is will I be too busy working, commuting, wondering where next months rent will come from and generally trying to carve out an existence up there to enjoy any of these extras or have a life outside of the job I go up there for? I’m a Cork man, should I put faith in my options down here and sell out for a few years to the various versions of admin jobs around Cork, that recruitment companies have been trying to sell me on in the hope they will turn into something more? The irony of it all is I have applied for one job in Dublin that would require promoting and lobbying for businesses to establish themselves in Dublin, when it is the outcome of such work and the already existing concentration of work in Dublin that means I feel limited in Cork. A large percentage of friends have all been dragged like drones to the Queen Bee in Dublin. Are my to become an inevitable statistic, a consideration in changing the Luas fares, start eating bagels and in a few years have my kids sent on school excursions to see what cows look like? Or are my being too negative? Let me know. One job I applied for has a condition that they will be decentralising to Edenderry, so maybe I should be thankful to get to live in such a hub of services and industry?


Simon said...

Why not. You might as well try it. You can always move away if you wish

Anonymous said...

Dude lighten up. Dublin is great. Anyway, you're from Cork - all you people will always go home home in the end. You are the homing pigeons of Irish life. You'll come to Dublin, suffer it for a few years living out of a suitcase, and then go home to have kids. All my Cork mates have gone back.