Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Dossing Times Top Bands

With all the crap in the world sometimes we forget the great bands out there. Here is on from the 70s. The Stranglers. Here is Golden Brown. Which is an truly lyrically great song and the video is great. As one person said on the comments of the video.
The video and the lyrics are multi-layered. On the surface, beautiful sceneries, exotic settings, promising adventures down the Nile. Below the surface, the fading of an Empire, a failure to adjust, boredom breeding anxiety and nostalgia - laying down the arms, tying oneself to the mast - never a smile, never a frown. Poignant..

Live version of Peaches from 1977 ish.

What ever happened to the heros

Ad for the Stranglers greatest hits with Keith Floyd for Some reason.

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