Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Oscar Nominations Are In

The Oscar nominations are in, comprising a selection of the movies which have had critics and audiences alike glued to movie screens. Irish interests rest primarily with Peter O'Toole nominated for Best Actor for 'Venus'. 16 year old new comer Andrew Simpson, a native of Donegal is the catalyst for the drama in 'Notes on a Scandal', starring Oscar nominees Judi Dench (Best Actress) and Cate Blanchette (Best Supporting Actress). Also Consolata Boyle, a Dublin based designer is nominated for Best Costume Design for her work in 'The Queen'. Finally I'm glad to see that 'The Dossing Times' movie of the year, 'Little Miss Sunshine' is nominated for Best Picture. I've been listening to its soundtrack and its great listening. Even better is the nomination for Abigail Breslin for her role as Olive in 'Sunshine'.

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