Monday, January 08, 2007

Apocalyptic Cinema

I had planned on writing a review of Mel Gibsons's 'Apocalypto' and praising it for being an electrifying movie, the most authentic movie I have seen in a while and at its core a great chase movie. So too I'm sure there is Christian symbolism, blood letting of our impurities and a metaphor for us being slavishly dragged to the city. However my trip to the cinema proved more post worthy. I stood open mouthed as a young boy, certainly less than 10, approached me as I entered the cinema foyer and asked me to buy him a ticket for 'Employee of the Month'. In case you are lucky enough to have escaped the cleavage laden publicity, 'Employee of the Month' is a comedy vehicle aimed at continuing Jessica Simpsons assault on our senses. I'm aware the girl may have a singing voice, has commanded concert audiences and is not entirely unattractive but so too I am aware that she is part of a media whore collective that drop albums, turn up at premieres and launch perfumes all so as to distract us from the talentless vacuums they are. So this young boy who had decided that instead of James Bond, Denzel Washington and the spate of animated movies out this Christmas he wanted to see this schlock (I say this confidently even though I am of the policy no one sets out to make a bad movie) stood brazenly in front of me confounding me- why not cigarettes, why not alcohol?- anything but two hours of drivel, the type of film whose only uniquness is that it is insulting to toilet humour and whose only assets will be placed firmly centre screen as often as possible. I realise this boy may have needs and possibly friends to impress but I firmly said no, progressing onto the excellent 'Apocalypto' knowing I had done society a service.

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