Monday, August 06, 2007

Remember what we have forgot

Over on Orga Sinn Fein’s blog they have released details of

The Shoot to Kill 25th Anniversary Committee has launched a new website. This site has been launched as part of a series of events and activity to commemorate the events of 1982; when 6 unarmed men were murdered by the RUC.

Now I know this is a simple argument to make but it is still very valid. Will they commemorate the few thousand innocents shot and blown up by the IRA? No of course not, but are we supposed to sweep this under the carpet? In some case the push to ignore comes from the people pushing through “a progressive” agenda who seem to ignore the murder of thousands of innocents to use Sinn Fein to push though a certain view on taxation policy. Others think we should move on from the past. Which is foolish as the past has a direct impact on the present.

That is why Sinn Fein hammer on about the past. Trying to get us to remember things like shoot to kill in an effort to legitimise their violence and make them seem like the victims and more electable. With the likes of Labour aiding the people who are un-repentant for putting Patsy Gillespie into a car and telling him that if he did not become a human bomb his family would be killed. Or the thousand of other murders Sinn Fein have no problem with. That is what we should be remembering. But alas more people in this country know the name of Booby Sands then they know Patsy Gillespie. Booby Sands is a man, an Myth and legend. Patsy Gillespie is a statistic, an anonymous name on the roll of the dead that few have read and perhaps depending on your definition Ireland’s first suicide bomber. Sinn Fein are winning or indeed have won the battle to shape the way our history is told. They are winning the youth already, the youth who have little memory of the troubles. Who’s knowledge of it is in many cases is the Spin Fein version. With the likes of Labour full willing to appease Sinn Fein’s past few murders for the sake of political expedience it will not be before long that the past is won by the Sinners. In 20 years the name Patsy Gillespie will be even more obscure then it is today and Booby Sandswill probably have a street named after him.

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