Saturday, August 25, 2007

Arrested Developemt - An Appreciation

So sitting down to find Youtube clips to give the uninitiated a sense of the madness, wryness and endless humour of 'Arrested Development', I realised I had set myself a nigh on impossible task. How in the name of beejesus could I even begin to give an insight into this show, endless layers of sight gags, pop culture references, crazy characters, dysfunction making the Soprano family look positively Waltonesque, where your father dresses in your dead wifes maternity clothes, your son fancies his cousin and your 14 year old niece cons her way into a film producer job. From endless gay puns, to having an attorney named Bob Boblaw (say it out loud) and Michael Moore cameoing to convince the mother of the piece to send her son to Iraq no type of humour and commentary is left unused. Over the last month, I have purchased, watched and re-watched the first two series and do plan to buy the lesser but still hilarious 3rd series. Jason Bateman epitomises the everyman, a very necessary anchor for the insanity of those around him. It is probably better than I don't have the know how to get clips from the disks onto Youtube, picking my favourites would be even more difficult that browsing through what is already available online. I don't know how these clips will go down without context - they should give you a taste for more though.


Eamonn said...

Oh come on.

What about Tobias' unfortunate combination of his dual roles as an "Analyst" and a "Therapist" on his business cards?

The series deserved to exist for that moment alone.

Eamonn said...

Oh and why no George Michael (Or very little of him). I always thought that he, and not Bateman's Michael, was the heart and the everyman of the show?

That's just my tuppence worth!