Thursday, August 16, 2007

15 minutes of Youtube - Rolling Stones special

Edit: The Dossing Times crew are going to be in Slane. SO I thought I would bump this up. I am particular looking forward to some Guinness. It is so bad this side of the Irish Sea

The Rolling Stones tickets went on sale this morning and, eventually, sold out. Tickets were still available well after 9am which astonished me. Maybe, the Stone's audience were still in bed, I don't know. If it had been a McFly concert it would have probably sold out in 20 minutes...that's today's music scene for you.

Anyways, all 3 authors here at the Dossing Times will be in attendance in August. To celebrate here is a special 15 minutes of Youtube dedicated to Mick and the boys.

To begin, Gimme Shelter. This is my favourite track by the Stones, something I share with Martin Scorcese...that or he's contracted to put it in all his movies.

Sticking with movie themes, here's Paint it Black, famously used in Full Metal Jacket.

Next, Miss you

Changing gear a little with Ruby Tuesday

Finally, a real cigarette lighter song, Angie

This 15 minutes of dossing was brought to you by the Dossing Times...your number 1 dossing destination.


CK said...

I really want to track down that episode of 'The Wonder Years' where Kevin and co. drive to where they think a exclusive Stones concert is being held at a remote location. All sort of drama ensues and they drive home presuming the concert was just a rumour. The final shot is of the bar where of course sounds of a shouting crowd let us know the gig is being held, our heroes never having found the right place. I can't remember the song though.

I love 'Anybody Seen My Baby', not a great song or a classic, but the song I heard Dave Fanning play one night in 1998 that woke me up to the Stones.

Anonymous said...

What song do you think the Stones will open with in Slane 07? In 1982 it was 'Under the Thumb'.