Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Random Tuesday

The Job

I’ve recently moved to the big smoke that is Dublin. See, at the start of the year I went looking for a job but my aim was a little off and I landed myself a career instead. I’m surrounded by eager young go-getters. You know the type, living for work instead of working for a living. I need to run to stand still and all that jazz. I’m having to compromise on values I’ve long held dear. I wear a suit to work everyday, even Fridays. I often eat my lunch at my computer, something I promised myself I’d never do. For somebody who considers a t-shirt, jeans and converse ideal for every occasion and whose goal in life is to be a librarian, albeit a well paid one, this isn’t good.

The Silver lining

Of course with every cloud there is a silver lining and in my case two silver linings. The first is pay day, that glorious day once a month when you remember why you put up with it all. I’ve recently celebrated my first pay day in quiet a while. Little can compare to the feeling you get on the invariable sunny morning that heralds your first pay day in a new job. Satisfying.

The Silver lining 2

Satisfying is how I would also describe the second rock I cling to at work, the paper shredder. Ahh, the paper shredder. The machine we use to tear paper. When you say it like that it doesn’t sound like much, does it? But if I just take these few pages here and….yep, satisfying. I don’t need to understand why, but that beautifully dreadful sound never fails to lighten my day. Thank you A.A. Low

Comfort food

Simon was over for the Irish blog awards last weekend. A great weekend was had by all and, once again, kudos to him and Cian for Irish Elections success. Sorry to rain on their parade but for me the best thing about the weekend was my introduction to Weet-a-bix and honey. Where have you been all my life? In terms of comfort foods this one takes some beating.

A forest of Spars

I’ll finish where I began, with my move to Dublin. The first thing somebody learns when the move to a new spot is where to buy your food. Whilst there are plenty of suitable establishments near my apartment I’m not exactly spoilt for choice. When I leave the apartment block I can take any one of 3 roads. Within 200 metres, no matter what road I take, I’ll meet a Spar.

My walk to work takes me roughly 25 minutes and I pass 4 Spars and not a single one of their competitors.

Recently I was waiting for a friend at Connelly station. I had a few minutes to spare so I decided to walk up Talbot st towards O’Connell St. On the corner of Talbot St. and Amiens St there was a Spar. I walked 100 metres up Talbot and there was another one! On the other side of the street!

Spars are everywhere in Dublin. Everywhere. When the hell did this happen? Its great that I have shops close to home but a little variety would be welcome. Have Spar signed a pact with the devil? Are they Irelands Walmart or Starbucks?


Simon said...

:) good post. glad you are finally seeing the greatness that is honey.

CK said...

Well Tuathal, I have gone the other route and got myself a job. I didn’t necessarily want a job or a career but by necessity as well as being over educated and inexperienced I have gotten myself a job. I sat today doing some computer work that I’m sure is very important to someone somewhere and noticing a silence looked up and saw the entire team standing at their desks. A number were looking at the wall, a number at what I soon realised were their watches. After the initial shock, staring around thinking time had been frozen the silence was broken with a guy announcing it was 4 by his watch and the entire room proceeded to sign out. An entire room waiting, counting down the minutes to going home. They sound very much like the opposite of your colleagues, they live for morning tea and will not be seen in the office until 2 on the dot coming back from lunch.

I don’t know which existence is better, I correct everyone that I am temping and job hunting and cringe when they immediately begin telling me of how for them 6 weeks became 6 months before it became years and so on…...

On the other points you raised: Is Spar our Starbucks?

And I don’t think there are many things that can’t be improved by adding honey.