Saturday, March 24, 2007

Neil Young

It always surprises me how few people know Neil Young's music. Now I can't go into music the way CK can go into cinema. And talk about the imagery, style and inspirations. But when you listen to Neil Young there just something in the voice. A distant sound of sadness that adds a tremor to the voice. That elevates the songs to greatness. The lyrics paint a rich tapestry of images. Genius. One of my fellow dossers does not know much of Neil and I keep telling him to listen. But as he probably wouldn't so here is 3 choice tracks to listen to. First old man

Heart of gold from 1971 performed prior to the release of one of the greatest albums of all time Harvest which this is off.

And finally possibly the greatest anti-war song of all time. Keep on rocking in the free world. WIth maybe the most powerful verse of a song ever.

I see a woman in the night With a baby in her hand Under an old street light Near a garbage can Now she puts the kid away, and she's gone to get a hit She hates her life, and what she's done to it There's one more kid that will never go to school Never get to fall in love, never get to be cool.

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