Thursday, March 08, 2007

'I'm Not There: Suppositions on a Film Concerning Dylan'

The most intriguing premise for a movie since, Being John Malcovich or maybe Memento has to be the upcoming Bob Dylan biopic filmed by Todd Haynes (Far from Heaven, Velvet Goldmine). The film will not follow normal narrative structure but will instead be inspired by Dylan's poetic music. The singer will be portrayed by six different actors, playing him at various stages in his life. The line up includes Heath Ledger, Richard Gere, Marcus Carl Franklin, Ben Whishaw (Perfume: Story of a Murderer), Christian Bale and most surprisingly Cate Blanchett. The only thing stranger than Blanchett having a role is that originally Pink auditioned for her part and was seriously considered.

I've also wondered in reading about this film, how many people have biopics made of their lives while they are still living them? The premise clearly suggests it will try to encompass many phases in the man's life rather than a single period so I wonder will it not untimately feel incomplete.


Anonymous said...

Given that Dylan's songwriting style is aheavily eclectic mix of clever-sounding but often meaningless phrases, to the point of almost total disjointedness at times, perhaps this mooted film is meant as a kind of artistic parody of Dylan's own 'cut and splice' style.

Anonymous said...

Frank is stupid. I hope someday he can find some "meaning." You see, you must create that yourownself.

Carry on, delicious crackerjack similes!