Thursday, February 15, 2007

Where are the left now

Chavez is continuing the become the dictator people always said he would be.
Some private companies are also concerned about President Chavez's intention to make them allow their employees time during the working day to study socialism.
1984 anyone?


Anonymous said...

Yup he's dropping his guard. Watch Venezuela go backwards. How is his buddy Evo Morales getting on in Bolivia?

Anonymous said...

Morales is slightly more sane. Closer to the Lula de Silva mold.

If Chavez has a model these days it is probably Robert Mugabe :-)

Cllr Keith Martin said...

This upsets you?

What about the hoarding of foodstuffs by the supermarkets to inflate prices?


Simon said...

What about democracy?

Anonymous said...

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez yesterday announced government plans to reduce the rate of value added tax (VAT) by 5 percentage points, as well as plans to make changes to the Venezuelan currency, the Bolivar. Yesterday’s measures are the latest in a series of new government policies aimed at curbing inflation.

Surely you right wingers aprove?

Simon said...

What are you smoking. Do you seriously think that a cut in VAT forgives supporting the North korean regime and rulling by decree.

Do you annomy think that dictatorship is a good thing.

Godwhacker said...

Hitler proved that you can elect a dictator. Democracy unrestrained by constitutionally protected individual rights is nothing more then mob rule. You can't morally vote away the life, liberty, and property of another.

That said, the divide between the haves and have nots is South America has little to do with the free market and more to do with controlled economies of the rightward leaning varieties.