Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Lost Tomb of Jesus

No, this isn't about the title to the new Indiana Jones movie. Instead James Cameron of Titanic and Terminator fame has made a documentary on the subject.

What is it about James Cameron and making films involving famous tombs? Ok, Titanic became a tomb by accident rather than design but you get what I mean. Now James is back with a documentary in which he claims to have found the family grave of Jesus, Mary Magdalene and their son Judah.


James has found a 2000 year old limestone tombs with the remains still inside. The names Mary, Matthew, Jesua son of Joseph, Mary, Jofa, and Judah son of Jesua appear on the tombs. Jesua would be Jesus, Jofa his brother and the second Mary his wife. As for Mary number 1 and Matthew, well we will have to watch the documentary to find out.

The first thing that comes to my mind is 'How would a human being fit into one of those? They're tiny!'. This is one of those strange times when science and religion agrees on something and both sides have dismissed the claims made in the documentary.

Now we all know that Jesus’ foresight wasn’t the best (hence his silence on abortion, homosexuality and stem cell research) and you will hardly be surprised to learn that he forgot to leave a cell swob with which we could conveniently authenticate these remains or indeed the Shroud of Turin. However, the fact that all these names appear on the same tomb is proof, based on the statistical probability, that this is indeed ‘the’ Jesus, his extended family and their final resting place. Nevertheless, James Cameron maintains that this find does not undermine the Christian faith.

So there you have it. Dan Brown was right, kinda. As for James Cameron, well having made the biggest movie in history and a movie where someone from the future attempts to change the past, its only natural that he should combine the two.


Unknown said...

Judah Ben Jesua - Eh?

Anonymous said...

What rubbish.

Rates on a par with that cult that claimed to have cloned a human being (whatever happened to cloning?)

All over the world today their are plenty of people who are called jesus and whose parents are mary and joseph. This does not make them the holy family.

Wot rot!