Friday, February 02, 2007

ahh David Quinn.

David Quinn in the Indo rallies against the British governments decision saying that the church and state should be separate.
What has happened in Britain this week is gigantically worrying for anyone for cares a fig about religious freedom, about limiting the scope of the State,
Which I do I worry about freedom and the state. But in fairness he is talking through his ass. He says
The Churches have been told that their adoption agencies cannot prefer heterosexual couples over homosexual couples and therefore must abide by the law, or lose all public funding and have no more children referred to them for placement. This would effectively close them.
Look David if you are going to make the state should not interfere argument and don't then condemn the state for withdrawing its money. If you get paid by the state you play by the states tune. If they want to not be dictated to by the state first get religious organisations to stop taking money from the state and raise there own funds. Till then shut up. You should be free to practice your religion all you want and have all the religious organisations you want. But don't expect me to pay for them through my taxes. See David unlike you I do care about the scope of the state. Alas you don't you care about the scope of the church.

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