Sunday, December 10, 2006


Thatcher is an interesting person one that I think I should read up more one. 1 she caused a lot of pain and suffering in Britain during her time in office. But would the UK been in a much worse position then it is now if it was not for her? Was the capitalist craziest needed.? I am not really sure and it is something that I hope to get back to. Anyway here is possibly the most famous anti-thatcher song. Ghost Town.

And the Spitting Image clip that many said brought her demise


squid said...

I would have emailed you but gmail seems to be fucked. I done what you suggested with the comments

Alive in Limerick If you are reading this, ya fecker, look what you started! :D

Bock the Robber said...

How appropriate that Squid should appear here. A comment about Nazis on a post about Thatcher.

I think I'll withhold my remarks to another time.

And by the way, yeah, Alive, look what you fuckin started!