Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Tenacious D in the RDS

I was lucky enough to see Tenacious D in concert last Sunday night in the RDS. It's been a goal of mine to see The D live for some time now, so I jumped at the chance to see them on this rare trip to Ireland. I even cut-short my time in New Zealand by a few days to get back in time. Boy was it worth the wait, the journey and the jet-lag. Wow, what a show, even better than I had hoped for. I was giddy at the end.

Warning this section contains some details of the show, so if you're going to see them in the U.K or beyond, best to skip this part

The comedy stylings of Neil Hamburger opened the show with a set of horribly un-PC jokes that were very poorly recieved and don't bear repeating here. In the end he was booed off stage, although that was likely his goal.

After a wait of 25 minutes it was time for the D, who began their set by waking up on their living room sofa. From there a Rock Opera on a biblical scale unfolded, which included the untimely death of the hard rocking amigos and their descent to the depths of hell. However even death couldn't stop the D and they quickly joined forces with some of the residents to form the greatest band in Hell; The Anti-Christ on electric guitar, Charlie Chaplin on bass and KFC's Colonel Sanders on drums. Before the show finished they even had time to duel with the Devil in a rock-off for their souls.

All the old favourites were there, Tribute, Wonderboy, Keilbasa, F**k her Gently etc. as well as much of the new album. The set also included a number of covers including Queen's Flash and The Who's Pinball Wizard. As the band came out for the encore the crowd greeted them with a rousing burst of The Irish Anthem, Ole Ole Ole, which the duo genuinely seemed to be taken aback by.

Kyle Gass and Jack Black take a bow. The greatest band in the world came to rock our socks off and they delivered just that with a properly awesome show. I loved every second of it.

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Anonymous said...

Yep was an incredible gig. I've seen them both previous times they were here, and the contrast between the strictly acoustic sets they did before and this one was massive... I just couldn't wait for them to 'go electric' and it was done with such style... legends, not just great music, but a fantastic show to go with it.