Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Christmas TV

While RTE 1 is inflicting 'Love Actually' on us Christmas night there are some good alternatives to such schlock. George Clooney's directorial debut 'Confessions of a Dangerous Mind' with Sam Rockwell is on RTE 2 and Ricky Gervais meets Christopher Guest on Channel 4 (he meets Garry Shandling Stephen's Night). TG4 win outright for alternative programming during the day, showing Willy Wonka, a programe on the goals of the year in hurling and football and a Johnny Cash concert from behind prison walls from 1.55. Throuhout Christmas RTE 2 are showing a series of films each night with a femme fatale theme, a good line including 'Gilda', 'Body Heat' and 'The Big Sleep' is sadly missing 'The Last Seduction'.

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Anonymous said...

RTE over the last few years have shown a noir classic every night of the Christmas period; great when you catch them although I always tend to forget (I did catch Citizen Kane last year though; well worth staying up late for).

Christmas TV wouldn't be the same without Willy Wonka; I sincerely hope it survives the arrival of Charlie and the Cocolate factory in the next year or two (which I liked but was completely incomparable to Gene Wilder's performance).

Looking forward to Gervais Meets Christopher Guest; I liked the Larry David special on earlier in the year and look forward to seeing more of the series.