Tuesday, September 12, 2006

McDowell and the electorate.

Richard has some interesting pieces on McDowell. But just one quick point.
The PDs are probably the DailÂ’s laziest party when it comes to building constituency support and theyÂ’ve nobody to blame but themselves for being ghettoised in fashionable postcodes.
One I don't think Longford/Roscomman have ever been called fashionable. No offence to Longford or Roscomman people I know some they are cool but you know what I mean. But also 4 out of the 8 PD TD's come from places with out post codes. Unlike the Greens for instance where only 1 out of six comes from non-postcode land. We do exist outside the pale you know Richard. :) But here is a great line.
In truth, despite the image, the rich are the last people who need the PDs. Where there’s money, there’s always a way to keep it – as the scandals and tribunals of recent years confirm. Government waste and spending – the politics of the taxpayer-funded giveaway – are most lethal for the small businessman and ordinary taxpayer who get squeezed hardest by the drop in opportunity, competitiveness, and openness. Left-wing politicians like to speak in the name of the poor, but the economics of state dependency leave vulnerable individuals tied to an impersonal and incompetent welfare system.
And this got me thinking for an Irish Election post.
Richard Waghourne inadvertently points out why McDowell and the PD’s will always struggle in there present guises to win over the electorate. And indeed this goes for Labour and the Greens as well.

McDowell may have indulged himself in a little Latin yesterday, quoting Virgil to declare that ‘fortune favours the brave’,

Now picture this, could you ever ever I mean seriously ever see Bertie Ahern quoting Latin. Now I am sure he knows a bit but would he ever do it. Even quoting Carpe Diem or some other well known saying from a movie. Of course not. He is far to clever for that. Now I know it might seem to some people an oxymoron that not using Latin makes you clever. But Bertie knows the electorate.

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