Friday, September 22, 2006

Irish Election posts

What Labour Gael need is more Richard Brutons

labourgael.jpgConsidering that we now have Labour Gael is it time for them to act coherently. Looking across the front benches of Labour Gael you see many faces that you do not know, and many you do know yet you don’t know why you know. Put simply the Labour Gael front bench is largely unknown by the general population. Now one thing they need to do is be more vocal, outspoken and get the message out. But another thing they need to do is create a shadow cabinet.

Be Afraid.

One of the main points in Michael Moore’s movie Bowling for Columbine was that the media was making the people scared. We see this already in the media where newspapers come up with scarce mongering headlines to grab attention. But Fine Gael love to do it as well. Here is a site of there’s I came across. With its blood red banner and alarmist text it screams be afraid be very afraid. But if as they say

Anti-social behaviour is hurting our society. Every day, in every neighbourhood,

Why do they need a photo gallery of Anti social behaviour? Surely if it is in every neighbourhood people know what it looks like?

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