Saturday, September 02, 2006

Back and to the left.

Considering that Science that gets covered in media in this country tends to be of the perpetual motion type so I thought I might go through some science more often. Now I could just go on about major discoveries but the likes of New Scientist already do that. So I think I will just talk about random bits of physics.

Anyway think of the Kennedy Assassination and you think “back and to the left”. This is supposed to show that Kennedy was shot from the front, as the head went back and to the left and I will admit I used to believe that as well. However when I thought about it back and to the left actually disproves the theory that there was a gun man on the grassy knoll.

It is possibly difficult to explain this but here goes. For back and to the left from the Grassy knoll to be true the bullet would have had to stay in the brain for momentum to be conserved. However the bullet didn’t it left the brain. Now the bullet is going to lose very little energy on entering the brain the pressure on the point in the head that it hits is great and offer little resistance to take momentum. Imagine trying to push a slab of butter with a slowly pushed spoon and a hot carving knife at speed and you get the idea . Indeed it would pass through without losing all its momentum.

However on leaving the brain the bullet is going to drag a lot of Brain matter with it. This is going to be spewed out in the direction of the bullets path. Newton famously said that for every action there is a equal and opposite reaction. This is how rockets work. By pushing the jet fumes down the rocket feels the opposite effect and goes up. The same thing happened with Kennedy’s brain.

The matter leaving in the direction of the bullet would cause, by Jet propulsion the head to go in the opposite direction. So what was back and to the left of Kennedy and thus the path of the bullet? The book depository.

Now maybe there was a gunman on the grassy knoll, but one thing is for certain that back and to the left shot was not from there and considering that tends to be the only shot attributed to him/her it is highly unlikely that anyone was there.

Also the big part of the magic bullet theory that got me. The bullet stopping in mid-air seems to be false. Dahm you Oliver Stone


Eamonn said...

Fascinating....but, Ewwww!

Jo said...

lol, I agree! Perhaps Grissom from CSI could prove your point using a pig's head?