Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Christian fascism

I know I haven't done much on Irish politics the last few days. But bear with me I will get back on to it very soon. But this article has really annoyed my (hat tip Gavin) Kansas school board redefines science 1. Who do these people think they are redefining science.If you so intent on letting kids "make their own minds up". How about get them to include an alternative version of Jesus rising from the dead that involves Mary and the apostles on magic mushrooms so kids "can make their own minds up about it". 2.
Intelligent design holds that the universe is so complex that it must have been created by a higher power.
People use to think that about fire but hey we figured out how that worked. These people should realize just because something is not explain by 2005 doesn't mean it wouldn't be in 2008. 3.
"This is a sad day. We're becoming a laughingstock of not only the nation, but of the world, and I hate that," said board member Janet Waugh, a Kansas City Democrat.
Nail on head 4. They say that evolution has holes well you know what else has holes. The Bible. 5 If this is all about showing that an alternative solution exist then surely Karma should be include as Buddhist think that is the solution. But this is not going to be thought all that is going to be thought is Christian dogma. Hence to me their fascists


maca said...

"Intelligent design holds that the universe is so complex that it must have been created by a higher power."

Intelligent my hole! What a ridiculous statement.

Tuathal said...

There's only one solution for this as i see fire with fire. Let's take evolution, repackage and re-word it as a faith based religion and fight them damn christian fascists in their own backyard!

Anonymous said...

Someone pointed out to me that because these Christian fundamentalists are taking all their strict dogma from the Old Testament, they aren't actually Christian. Cos Jesus's whole point was to do away with that strictness. Haha! But how can you expect logic from people who come up with tripe like``Intelligent" design!?!

garryg said...

yes this whole creationalists thing and there views towards evolution etc.
come on people

Simon said...

Also if it is iteeligent design how come it is possible to choke when you eat surely there should be somethin inteligent to counter act it.

garryg said...

sorry could not resist i think chewing your food stops it but cannot be sure

Simon said...

don't forget sucky sweets are you saying we should chew sucky sweets for shame garryg