Sunday, September 02, 2007

The One to Possibly Consider Watching*: 'The Tudors'

*This segment is usually called 'The One to Watch', confidently recommending you watch Jonathan Rhys Meyers though is a step I'm not willing to take.

The Tudors, the latest HBO exercise in ‘take a historic period and add lots of sex’, begins Tuesday night on TV3. I considered auditioning for work as an extra on the second series which is currently filming in Ireland, unfortunately the requirement to make a 4 month commitment with no guarantee of living above the bread line meant my background career was very short lived. The equine looking Jonathan Rhys Meyers heads up the cast as a young Henry VIII with no doubt many a familiar Irish face filling out the support. Good reviews, high viewership and Emmy awards are the basis for recommending the show, lots of pretty people getting nekid is the reason people will probably watch. TV3 are silly though, they are putting it up against the endlessly whiny, yet inexplicably popular Grey’s Anatomy on RTE 2. Your choices therefore are insecure pretty people having relations with scant regard for medical fact or self-involved pretty people having relations with no doubt scant regard for historical fact.

Don’t doubt for a minute though that your time will be well spent watching Nigella Lawson who returns with a new cookery series Monday night at 8.30 on BBC 2, now that’s must- see – TV.

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